Friday, July 17, 2009

Thoughts on a Gospel Principle: Agency & Eternal Progression

Part 1 of a 3-Part Series
By Guest blogger: Jenn Low
Somewhere in the middle of an hour-long conversation I had with a colleague about the church she queried, “Does everyone in your church know as much about your religion as you do?”

My answer was a resounding YES!

I replied that the church encouraged all of its members to gain as much knowledge of things eternal as possible and that the organization of the church required members to do so, for we are in a constant state of being called upon to instruct others.

My friend remarked that this was a wonderful thing. It is wonderful that I could just as truthfully have said to her that such attainment of truth and knowledge is essential in gaining exaltation.


Because if one truly believes in something, they will act upon it.

Faith, in the Bible dictionary, is defined as a “principle of action” for we know that it is by our works that we able to reap salvation and exaltation (Mosiah 5:15). As our active faith becomes stronger in the Savior, we become more like Him.

This earth life has been afforded to us as a probationary time of action, of preparation, of progression, of growth, of molding our characters to become like God’s (Alma 12:24).

However, such progression does not end with this earthly existence. We will learn, and grow, and act, and become more like God in the Spirit World and then again in whichever kingdom of glory our actions have made us worthy of.

To be unable to grow and progress and become more glorified is the very definition of being damned.

Why then, with literally eternity in which to become like God (and we will need it!) is there such a push for us to act NOW in full force and without delay?

There are certainly many answers to this question!

Part of the reason is because during this perfectly orchestrated “testing ground” portion of the Lord’s plan (a.k.a., earth life) our ability to mold our characters has the greatest turnaround time we will ever experience in the whole of our existence! Our ability to progress and grow directly correlates with our ability to use our agency.

Agency is only valid when there is a choice available to be made and acted upon. And there will never be another time like this earth life when such magnitudes of unhampered choices are available to the children of God.

The veil and the lack of God’s physical presence ensure this and act as catalysts for growth.

We are utterly and completely free to choose, and because of this our choices have a more profound impact and who we are and who we will become (2 Nephi 2:27).

(Part 2: The Principle of Progression)

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