Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thoughts on a Gospel Principle: Agency & Eternal Progression

Part 2 of a 3-Part Series
By Guest blogger: Jenn Low

The Principle of Progression

Reflecting on the topic of The Gospel in Action called to my remembrance this principle of progression. With it was brought a renewed desire to not waste this precious gift of heightened progression time. Why wait to alter a flaw in our character which would take five times as long (okay, so I obviously don’t know the exact ratio… I just like the number five) to fix in the eternities?

I doubt we will be any less busy!

Think of it like a limited time offer for that fabulous, must-have, as-seen-on-TV item which is being presented during the next half hour for one easy payment of $29.95 instead of the normal six payments! Act now and you’ll also get a physical body and the chance to make essential temple covenants—a priceless value—absolutely free! Hurry—a deal this good won’t be around forever!

As a teacher, I am constantly creating opportunities for my students to act upon instruction and information learned and discussed.

It is through the action that the principles taught take on personal significance and value.

It is through the action that the greatest learning and change occurs.

It is through the action that they are able to demonstrate to me what they have learned.

When there is no action as reinforcement, knowledge gained, no matter how significant or impressive, is not integrated and internalized at the needed level and all-too-quickly melts away.

(Part 3: DO something about it)

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