Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thoughts on a Gospel Principle: Agency & Eternal Progression

Part 3 of a 3-Part Series
By Guest blogger: Jenn Low

DO something about it

Not only as a teacher, but as a student, I try to act on what I learn as well.

It is so easy to attend our church meetings and enjoy the Spirit and edification we receive there and then leave and go about our busy weekly schedule without acting upon those impressions and insights. The full purpose of those meetings is left unrealized.

Just as we are commanded to liken the scriptures to ourselves, so we should do with talks and lessons we participate in (1 Nephi 19:23).

After all the material is taught, and the Spirit testifies and instructs, and testimonies are shared, we then must ask ourselves: well, now what? What am I going to DO about it (D&C 41:5)?

When on top of my game, I do this by posing a question to myself related to the material covered that demands action, that demands faith. For example, after a lesson on temples I could ask, “What will I do to increase my ability and readiness to be instructed by the Spirit when I attend the temple?” This question could easily have been posed to the whole class, but my answer is personal and specific. I write it down and put it someplace where I can easily and frequently be reminded of it.

We call this a goal.

A goal precedes a determined and directed action.

The week that follows provides action-proving time… a miniature probationary state. The cycle is complete with the dawning of the next Sabbath: a time for accountability, renewal, and needed adjustments.

Isn’t it wonderful that the Father knew that life would be more manageable when viewed in little chunks?

The gospel of our Savior is one of action.

The gospel demands it. His divine mercy and grace are only available to us after we have acted to the point of exhausting all of our own resources. This time we have been given here and now is a gift in which to do just that.

Learn. Plan. Act. Repeat. Until that blessed day when, through actions that become more and more like those of the Savior, we are found to be like Him (Moroni 7:48).

And even then we will continue to act.

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