Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mormons Made Simple

Check out these simple videos that you can post on your Facebook profile or Twitter about or point your friends to.

It's a great way to dispel myths, or explain simply some aspect of being a Mormon.

Mormon Myths - Made Simple - You've heard the rumors. But are they true? In this video, we'll answer questions like: "Are Mormons Christian?", "Do Mormons believe in the Bible?", and "How many wives do Mormon men really have?"

Attending a Mormon Church Service - Made Simple - A simple explanation of what to expect when attending a Mormon church service. You'll learn how to find a chapel, what to wear, and what to do when you arrive.

The Book of Mormon - Made Simple - This video provides a brief introduction to the Book of Mormon. You'll learn where it came from, what it contains, and how to receive your own free copy.

Mormon Missionaries - Made Simple - You've probably seen the Mormon missionaries around. Maybe they've even knocked on your door. Ever wondered who they are and what they do? Find the answers in this video.

To help your friends find the nearest

Post to your social network and use technology to do some missionary work.


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