Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trying to Be More Positive

I read a number of women’s business blogs and nothing can hold a candle to the truths of the gospel. Still, every once in a while I stumble on some inspirational ideas that shed light on a truth.

This author talks about how being more positive attracts more positive people around you, in an article titled We Attract Who We Are.
Give thought to what you value most in yourself or others. Keep a running list in your journal. Here’s the essence of how I see it.

Positive persons are:
  • Committed to developing compassion towards themselves and others, and having an open heart
  • Courageous about following their dreams
  • Those who seek to be authentic and believe in themselves, even when externals are crumbling
  • Aware of their darkside and trying to heal it
  • Willing to learn from mistakes
Positive persons aren’t:
  • Perfect, phony or positive all the time
  • Beating themselves to a pulp over shortcomings or a black hole of pessimism
  • Constantly mired in fear or tolerant of letting their hearts harden
  • Squeaky clean do-gooders who neglect their own well-being.
  • Saccharine pleasers who ignore their darkside and unconsciously act it out at the expense of others.
Never forget: we’re talking about real human beings with pluses and minuses. What sets positive people apart, though, is a determination to do their best and not succumb to what’s negative in themselves or externals.
Thanks all for doing your best, following your dreams, and having open hearts. I love being around you!


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  1. that was GREAT! I loved the picture too. I'm trying so hard to remember my calculus! Have any tips math whiz?


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