Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Visiting Teaching Is a Way of Life

Ever get too focused on “checking off” visiting teaching on your to do list?

In this Church News article Visiting teaching is a ‘way of life’ we are reminded “partners should work together, focus on people and not percentages”.

General Relief Society President, Julie Beck says:
Visiting teaching is one of the best ways we can fulfill our lifelong responsibilities to increase our faith and personal righteousness, strengthen families and homes and seek out and help those in need.

The leadership skills you need—to be a minister and to be a teacher, those are both Christlike skills. They are leadership abilities the Savior had. He was always a teacher. He was always a minister.
In essence, visiting teachers have those two major responsibilities: to teach and to minister. Most women in the Church understand the teaching part. Visiting a sister with a lesson each month is the teaching, but it is not always ministering.
Sometimes, instead of a visit, a sister needs an extra meal or someone to take her children for an hour. Sometimes a sister needs a flower, a note or a phone call or an invitation to go to a social event. Sometimes a sister needs somebody just knowing her family has the flu.
Visiting teaching is often hard because it is not showy. In visiting teaching the best work you do no one knows about. You get points only in heaven.
Sisters, this is between you and the Lord. He is not here, so you take care of the sisters for Him.

Let’s be more thoughtful and inspired this year in how we minister to each other. Visiting teachers need to work together to find inspired ways to watch over their sisters.


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