Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dry Pack Canning

Hello Everyone,

I’m going to the cannery this next weekend. I will be picking up the canner and anything else that anyone needs from the cannery.

I’m hoping to keep the canner at my house for a few weeks so people can use it. If you want to can something you have let me know and I will get you any food, cans, lids and oxygen packs while I'm there. If you want to can something from your house you can, that is why I'm bring the canner here.

I use the church rice, hot chocolate, sugar, flour, noodles and oatmeal all the time. I’m starting to use my beans more often so I know how.

The church food keeps my over all food bill down and if we ever needed to eat just food storage we will like eating it! It is not hard to start incorporating one meal a week in to your regular meals.

Please take time to look through the storage you have and decide if you need more. I'm willing to help anyway I can.

 I have always thought that one day I would be able to get on one of those fancy web sites and order a gourmet food storage, but really we just need to start a few cans at a time.....

484 902-8220 (Our number in the directory is wrong.)

Fill out your form for the cannery.

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