Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Guest Blogger Charity Wolf

Compassion is one of the most influencing gifts we have when it comes to turning our hearts towards the Lord. I have experienced the Lords compassion in my life many times through the hands of his servants on the earth. A few years ago it was never more evident to me in my life.

Alan and I lived in Fresno, California right by family and friends. Alan came home and told me we were being transferred to Seattle, WA in four weeks. The next few weeks were a blur of learning new areas, picking a new school district, mountains of transfer paper work, and I'll confess ward shopping. The week came, we were to move. Everything was planned out the best it could be. Tuesday morning of that week, I was pulling out clothes and essentials before the movers came on Friday morning. The phone rang and I was told my younger Sister had passed away in the night. Chelsie had been in a coma for just over 9 years from a car accident. There really was not time to think; we could not change any of the moving schedule. We planned and set the funeral for Saturday of that week.

The time came and went so fast. The next thing I really remember is sitting in a rental house outside of Seattle. Most of our worldly things were put in place except for some things in the garage that I need to unpack. The move had worked out well. But, I was never more sad and alone and my spirit was never more broken. One morning I was sitting in my house crying, trying to unpack, feeling like no one knows what just happened to me. Chelsie was just gone and the world just went on, no one even knew she was missing. To say the least my heart was aching. I was arguing in my heart with the Lord why this had to be and that he could not have really cared about me. We had not been to church yet and we didn't know anyone. I remember that morning saying to the Lord if you really love me why am I all alone?

About a hour later there was a knock on the front door. The Relief Society President and my new visiting teachers were there with flowers and a meal and had an hour or two to help me in any way they could. I was very embarrassed (be careful what you and your house looks like when you tell the Lord you feel alone) and grateful for the compassion that these Sisters were able to show me.

I know the Lord sent these Sisters on His errand that day. To me compassion will always be remembered as a work of the Lord. It takes each of us Sisters to work together. We are leaders in our area, in our homes, and in the Lord's church, if we choose to take the time to find out where we can serve.

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