Monday, April 26, 2010

Fostering Trust and Having Compassion

In a previous post, I introduced the idea that followers expect four things from their leaders: Trust, Compassion, Stability, and Hope. [Read part 1 first, then part 3.]

Let’s look at the first two.

Trust is the foundation of leadership. It means honesty, integrity and respect. Lasting friendships, loving marriages, smooth collaboration with coworkers, successful businesses, are all built on trust.

How do you convince a person of your honesty? They just know. Over time others see your behavior and know they can depend on you.

Another key to building trust is being authentic or real, even if that means letting those around you see your flaws. Didn’t you love the few personal words President Monson had to say about his wife during conference. Don’t you cringe at the phoniness of most politicians as they try to create a false trust. Don’t you cherish those who see you for what you are and love you anyway.

We all know what this is...caring, friendship, and love. Caring and compassion have such an impact on the lives of those around. When others care about us we are more likely to be more productive, stay with an organization, and reflect that caring to others.

Visiting teaching is where we do this best. Be there for your sisters. Devon Linn would love to visit everyone in the ward and take dinner and lift everyone. She can’t, of course. But you can. Be a leader in this special calling.

President Monson sums it up, “ Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.”

(To be continued)


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  1. What do you mean I can't take dinner to everyone? Is that a dare? ;)


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