Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guest Blogger: My Grandmother, My Sons, My Testimony

The theme for August is Missionary work. I've asked several of you to write a little about your experiences or feelings.
Guest Blogger: Sheryl Jackson

My grandmother
My first touch of missionary work was from my grandmother.

Without her I probably would not have become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When I was a young child she was a wonderful example and answered my many questions.

Then as I grew up I attended church because I felt in my heart the love the Lord had for me. I gained a testimony and was baptized at the age of eight, but in my late teens became inactive, and then reactivated in my mid-20’s.

I have re-gained a stronger testimony, and look forward to each Sunday, to partake of the sacrament and fill my spiritual cup so I can go out into the world for another week.

My sons
As a mother, it is the richest blessing to have your sons go on missions, because they want to. Each son was not sure if missionary work was for him, and flip-flopped back and forth, going—not going. Every mother will tell you how their son (or daughter) had changed sometime while they were serving.

Missionary work for our son Rob started with his birth and his pediatrician. My obstetrician, who was a member (stake president when my husband went out on his mission) delivered our son Rob, who was premature. Rob's left lung collapsed, so with a group of non-member medical staff watching, my doctor and husband gave our son a blessing and then the staff whisked him off to another hospital. Rob’s pediatrician, who witnessed the blessing, was baptized six months later along with her husband, daughter and son. Her husband served as branch president and their son served a mission.

What I do
What I do to be a missionary is: pray, be myself, have a testimony and be PROUD of it, and set a good example of a Christ-like person. I am never perfect, but when I do my best, to follow the word of wisdom, keep the commandments, and follow the spirit, it is noticed by nonmembers and members, children, youth and adults.

I like Proverbs. It tells us the difference between being learned and wise. I teaches us that if we are learned we have knowledge, and if we are wise we are teachable (well that is what I get from it). As missionaries we should always be teachable, because the knowledge we need will come from what we have been taught. Faith brings action, action brings good works.

My testimony
I am always a missionary in the world, but mainly in our home. Our children, active or inactive, always watch and learn from us, and teach us—to be like little children, to have faith, to believe and to LOVE each other and Jesus Christ, and how to have a happy home.

If I could do anything over again it would be to read my scriptures when my children were awake and could see me, to say my personal prayers when they were also awake and could see that I did pray each and every day. As a busy mother I should have put those things first (to be an example).

I love our children and know in my heart that they will reach out and grab the gospel again in their lives and learn of the happiness they have been missing in their lives.


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