Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lesson: The Lord's Covenant People

Gospel Principles, Lesson 15,
The Lord's Covenant People
By Margie Clark

What is covenant?
Within the gospel, a covenant means a sacred agreement or mutual promise between God and a person or a group of people.

Why are Latter-day Saints called a covenant people?
When we are baptized into the Church, we enter into the covenant the Lord made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

The Lord promised Abraham that through his descendants the gospel would be taken to all the earth. We are fulfilling this responsibility through the full-time missionary program of the Church and the missionary work done by the members. This opportunity to preach the gospel to all the world belongs only to the Lord’s Church and His covenant people.

What are the blessings and responsibilities of His covenant people?
As the Lord’s covenant people, we should keep His commandments.

If we are obedient, we inherit the blessings of that covenant. We have the right to receive help and guidance from the Holy Ghost. Worthy males have the right to hold the priesthood. Families can receive the blessings of the priesthood. We can gain eternal life in the celestial kingdom. There are no greater blessings than these.

As we keep our covenants, our Heavenly Father promises us that we will receive exaltation in the celestial kingdom.

The commandments He gives are for our benefit, and as we are faithful we may forever share the blessings and beauties of heaven and earth. We may live in His presence and partake of His love, compassion, power, greatness, knowledge, wisdom, glory, and dominions.


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