Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Facebook's Recent Changes

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Facebook has recently made 3 major changes regarding privacy and control of information.

Educate yourselves.

A Fast Company article and videos explain, Facebook's new groups, dashboards and downloads.

Download your information
You give Facebook tons of information: phone numbers, addresses, hobbies. It's different to keep track of all this personal data, especially when you can't keep it on your computer. "There hasn't been a way to download all your information," Zuckerberg explained. "A lot of time people just want to have a copy of all their information."

Dashboard of life
Using the dashboard, Facebook users can now change the access permissions these apps and sites have to your data, all in one place. The dashboard is essentially an all-in-one privacy manager, for your to monitor and adjust settings depending on what third-parties are accessing it.

Based on an algorithm already used internally, Facebook has developed an "index for each relationship," which tracks which friends you are close with, and which friends you are not. From there, Facebook will suggest groups for you, and help you populate the groups you've created.


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