Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Who Blesses Whom?

Orson Scott Card talks about being "blessed with good children" in his latest Mormon Times article, Just Who Blesses Whom?
We hear these words in testimony meetings or in talks: "I'm grateful to have been blessed with such good children."

...We can certainly be grateful to our Father in Heaven for having chosen to send us children who are disposed to do good.

But it's a core doctrine of the church that God did not make them good. If we have good children it is because they have chosen to love the Lord with all their heart, and then to love their fellow children of God.
...We bless their lives when we prepare them and arm them to recognize temptation when it comes, and help them acquire the skills and habits they need to overcome it.

They bless our lives when they heed our teachings even when we aren't there.
Good article...made me think about some of the trite things we say, what we really mean by them, and how they make others feel.


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