Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Peace in Preparation

So good to see you all there!

I have a few photos, not the best quality because I always forget my camera and have to depend on my cell phone (sorry Devon).

We started off with food storage tasters (recipes will be posted)
rice, refried beans, home-canned salsa, 
cornbread from cornmeal, canned cheese (who knew?!), 
and a yummy Ramen noodle and chicken dish.

And desserts from stored cocoa, sugar and flour (I'm assuming). 
The pumpkin dip was not from food storage 
but in honor of the season...delicious nevertheless.

As we finished up with eating we began a 3-part program...

Debbie Horton presented a slide show to talk about
preparedness counsel from the prophets.
such as the importance of food storage and other emergency preparedness,
and other counsel like paying off debt and living within a budget.

She made it real and pertinent for us by asking 
what takes the peace from our lives (traffic, messy house, noisy kids, bills, etc.) 
and what brings peace to our lives (being prepared to meet stressful times.) made us think and plan to do better...

...and even laugh together now and then. 
(Doesn't that feel good?!)

[Congrats to those who were there and
managed to dodge the pesky picture taking.]

Michelle Leighton talked about 72-hour kits 
and adding some fun things to entertain kids with, 
and important things like financial and contact information.

She made it real by telling about a family who 
put their kits to the test over a long weekend of camping. 
The kids learned quickly what they should have put in their kits.

Then the hands-on part...

Alan Wolf showed us how easy it is to dry pack/can your own food 
with the canner borrowed from the Bishop's Storehouse.
Our lovely departing gift was a #10 can
of oatmeal to add to our food storage!

The evening was simple, informational, inspirational and timely.

Thanks to Charity and all who brought food, decorated and prepared the classes.


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