Saturday, March 12, 2011

The 4 A's of Stress Relief, Plus 1

Found this little formula for handling stress, on the Mayo Clinic website, (which is my favorite site for looking up health issues). Do go and read each one.

Avoid, alter, accept, adapt:
When we feel the effects of stress weighing us down, it's like lugging a backpack that's becoming heavier by the minute. Too much stress can make life a difficult journey. When your stress level exceeds your ability to cope, you need to restore the balance by reducing the stressors or increasing your ability to cope, or both. Try using one of the four A's: avoid, alter, accept or adapt.
These are all really useful concepts, but I have to add Atonement. When life is getting you down and stress is taking it's toll, ask our Heavenly Father for help, healing and peace through the power of our Savior's atonement.


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