Friday, March 11, 2011

BYU Honor Code in the News

From the Public Affairs Newsroom of the Church:

The suspension of BYU basketball player Brandon Davies has caused a torrent of news coverage across the country debating the merits of the University’s honor code. The majority of news reports have been favorable toward BYU’s decision to adhere to its standards, despite the impact to a “dream basketball season.”

Michael Otterson, managing director of the Church’s Public Affairs Department gives an interesting viewpoint on the matter in the On Faith blog of the Washington Post:

Brandon Davies is more than a trending topic on Google. He is a young man full of energy, talent and opportunity, all of which remain present as he moves through what is undoubtedly a difficult time in his life.... Those that care for him, including his church leaders, are reaching out to help, guide and support. Friends, family and true fans likewise. There are a lot of people at BYU who will do all they can to help Brandon get through this trial in his life and come out on top. He isn't just an athlete, but a child of God.

Read Otterson’s entire commentary here.

Read also the 4 March article from Time for additional perspective, including this great excerpt:

Davies may learn a great deal from this experience. "This could be a seminal moment in this young man's life," says Sikahema. "Better that it happens at 20, rather than 50, with four kids. He'll probably be a better man, and that's ultimately what BYU is about, building leaders, building men. If that means missing out a chance at the Final Four, well, that's what happens."

What opportunities has this news coverage on the Honor code given your families?  We've had multiple people ask our opinions, and it's been a great opportunity to share our beliefs.  Good Job BYU!


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