Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bishop's Storehouse Trip

We have 4 sisters planning on going to the Bishop's Storehouse in NJ on Saturday, June 4, to do dry-pack canning for personal home storage (a little peace of mind in a tin can).

We have room for 3-4 more.  If you'd like to sign on, please call me

Our appt. is for 8:00 AM in Bridgeport, NJ.  We'll pull out from the church parking lot at 7:00 AM, so if you want to carpool, be there a few minutes early so we don't take off w/o you.

It may be more convenient for you to just go directly from your house.  Address:  613 Heron Drive, Bridgeport, NJ.  We should be back by about noon.

Go to www.providentliving.org to download an order form so you can see what is offered, prices, and storage life.

Older children and teens (and husbands) are welcome, and usually enjoy helping out.  People who have never been before and don't know what they're doing are especially welcome.

Payment in cash or by check only.  No cards.

If you have no idea what dry-pack canning is, please call me, or call a member of the RS presidency, or look it up on providentliving.org.

Owenna Nagy

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