Monday, May 23, 2011

From Deb's RS lesson yesterday:
Now, what is our potential influence as we and our sisters across the Earth rally together for the cause of Jesus Christ?

Consider the collective power of one.

What if every woman in Relief Society living near a temple went to the temple just one extra time this year? How much more revelation would flow into the homes of the Church?

Or, what if we each did one thing this month to improve our ability to hear the voice of the Lord? Or one thing to become more pure? Or tuned out one talk show and studied scriptures instead? Or traded one lunch with friends for a day doing family history? Or went to cheer on one Laurel you're not related to.

Notice how many times I have said or?

What is one thing you could do?
Sheri Dew, from Arise, Arise, and Come Unto Christ, May 1, 2008 @ BYU Women's Conference
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