Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Generations Project

I've been fascinated with The Generations Project on BYUTV. On Sunday afternoons I watch several episodes. And I think about what question I would want to know about my ancestors.

Here's a few of my favorite episodes:
Emily  •  Vicki  •  Xander and Carrie

Here's how to do your own Generations Project. It's a new way to look at family history. A way to have your ancestors help you NOW in your life.

1. Find your "why".
2. Find the names and dates of ancestors, close to home and in records.
3. Mix it with social history.
4. Walk in their shoes.  Find ways to relive their stories.
5. Share it and watch it ripple. The meaning finally emerges.

Watch here for more announcements about a Mad Skilz class on family history. Watch for sign-ups.


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