Monday, May 30, 2011

Untold Stories of Mormon Women

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Two LDS Church historians are on a quest to tell the world about the inspirational lives of Mormon women.

Richard E. Turley Jr., an assistant church historian and recorder, and Brittany A. Chapman, a historian in the Church History Library, are serving as the editors for a new series of books titled "Women of Faith in the Latter Days." Because half of the people in the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been women, the purpose of the project is to bring to light their untold accounts of faith and dedication, both past and present.

"Most of history we've created focuses on men. We've recognized a huge gap there that needs to be filled," Turley said.

For now the two editors are preparing seven volumes. Each volume in the series will contain 50 chapters of 10 pages each on women throughout history and from around the world. The target audience is the general membership of the LDS Church. The source of each story, however, is what makes the project unique.

"We are asking for submissions from public," Chapman said. "A lot of times the same women have been talked about in church history, whereas other women may be famous only in their families. Finally their story gets to be told, and that's exciting."
Article in Mormon Times


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