Wednesday, September 19, 2012


On September 18th Donna Kneeland gave a class on Grandparenting. Her handouts are included here, for those who missed it! Thanks Donna for your preparation.

20 Activities for Grandparents to Do With Their Grandchildren

Here are a few sample ideas for those of us who are "long-distance" grandparents, but they could work even if you're close by.

3. Send a "heart attack". Cut out heart shaped pieces of paper and write on them the things you appreciate about your grandchild. Place all the hearts in an envelope and send them to him or her.

12. After a visit create a complimentary report card about your grandchild's interactions with others and send it to him or her.

8. Begin a Life's Lessons booklet. Each week write down a few of the lessons you've learned in life and how you learned those lessons. When the booklet is full, send it to your grandchild to use as he or she begins or continues the journey of life. "Always stop and buy lemonade from the neighbor child's lemonade stand."

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