Saturday, December 15, 2012

What's this about wearing pants to church?

Maybe you've seen something on your social media networks about this call to wear pants to church tomorrow.

I caught wind of it on Twitter and decided to do some reading, to get me some "edumacation."

Mormon Women Declare “Wear Pants to Church Day” December 16
"A new Mormon feminist organization called “All Enlisted” has declared Sunday, December 16 “Wear Pants to Church Day”—an event conceived as an expression of Mormon feminist visibility and solidarity and a gentle challenge to traditional gender inequalities in Mormonism."

Ask a Feminist: What do you feel is unequal in the church?
"I recognize that some of these issues are church wide, some local, and some unchangeable. Some of them are simple and some of them are deeply ingrained. All of them, nevertheless, make me feel unequal and are worth talking about." See article for full list.

The Worst Thing Is Pants
The Worst Thing Is Pants, Part II
"It's about our hearts. It's not about the pants."

Wearing Pants
"What I am doing is listening to other women’s stories about how they feel at church, and telling my own. It means that I’m participating in discussions and thought experiments that analyze cultural and institutional problems and explore possibilities to change things for the better."

Mormon women plan 'Wear Pants to Church Day’, Salt Lake Tribune

Mormon women wearing pants love the gospel, Washington Post

Poll: Pants in church? Who cares?, Utah Daily Herald

Hmm, food for thought. Hope you were able to see several points of view, before making a judgement.

In my view:
It's not really about pants vs. dresses, is it.

It's about inclusion..."I see you." "I hear you."

It's about opening our eyes, asking questions, having conversations.

It's about breaking down cultural traditions that make others feel unequal. Whether or not you are bothered by the inequities in our Mormon culture, some are. Those inequities do exist, more or less, in our wards and stakes.

It's not about choosing sides. It's about making church life better for all women.

It's influence and persuasion to make things better, to improve a lay church with lay leaders, to seek for a broader view and more awareness.

It's about having a voice and being heard, or maybe just listening and supporting those that do speak up.

It's about caring for the welfare of our souls. (Words of wisdom. Thanks A.!)

It's about lifting all.

A rising tide lifts all boats.


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