Sunday, March 23, 2014

General Women's Meeting ~ March 29, 2014

Sisters of the Valley Forge 1st Ward, please join us, along with the sisters of the VF 2nd ward, for a social gathering on Saturday, March 29th at 7pm at the Valley Forge Ward Building. We will enjoy one another's company before watching the Semiannual General Women's Meeting broadcast that will begin at 8:00pm. Please invite friends, family, and visiting teaching sisters. If you are able to bring a finger food to share it is greatly appreciated!

To learn more about this meeting, check out the Relief Society page on entitled: 

"On March 29, 2014, prophets and general officers from all three women’s organizations will inspire, direct, and broaden the perspective of sisters ages eight and older. The meeting will create new ways for women worldwide to connect, strengthen each other, and celebrate sisterhood."

Join Us for the General Women's Meeting: 

If you are unable to attend, please feel free to watch the broadcast on !

Read more here and here to learn more about the recent changes that led to the General Women's Meeting.

We hope you can join us!!

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