Friday, March 21, 2014

RS Sisters Visit Philly Temple Site for Cookie Wednesday!

This week, sisters Sarah Robbins, Owenna Nagy, Connie Thorneloe, and Margie Clark visited the Philadelphia Temple Site and delivered cookies to the construction workers. After Elder and Sister Carr (building site missionaries) visited our ward and shared more about "Cookie Wednesday,"  Margie had the great idea of having our Relief Society sisters go down to the site and provide cookies to the workers. A BIG thank you to all of the sisters who baked and delivered cookies for this project!

As Margie mentioned in her email to the sisters,  the construction crew was very appreciative of the cookies. One of them, very respectfully, said it was "a privilege to build this temple for you." 

Wonderful things are happening as the temple is being built. We have the opportunity to share more information with friends, family, and neighbors, and ultimately invite others to the  Open House in 2016. Even just standing outside of the temple site and taking pictures has elicited questions from curious pedestrians who were unsure of what was being built. There are many missionary opportunities to be had as those unfamiliar with the Church and temples are curious about what is taking place!

Check out this news article that highlights some of the unique ways in which building the Philadelphia LDS Temple has made an impact on the construction crew and members of the neighborhood and city. 

If you have not had the opportunity to visit the construction site, take advantage of the warm weather that is (hopefully) coming and take a trip to see the progress of the Philadelphia LDS Temple!

Here are pictures of our sisters participating in "Cookie Wednesday"! 

Check out other websites about the progress of the Philadelphia LDS Temple:

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