Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pathway to a College Degree from BYU-IDAHO

The Church has created a program that provides a launching pad toward a college degree. It is

an on­line course conducted by BYU Idaho. It is available for members only who are 18 and older.   Submitting an application is easily accomplished on line by going to   The DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS AUGUST 25TH.


What is not required:

SAT/ACT tests scores or admission essays

No registration fees

No High School Diploma or GED certification required

No ecclesiastical endorsement (Bishops recommend)


What is required:

Church Membership Record Number [Available from your Ward Clerk ]

Daily access to a computer and hi-speed Internet
Feel comfortable using computer programs (Word, Excel, etc.) 

Ability to financially pay a very low tuition of $65/credit hour for the Standard Program

 or $45/credit hour for the L (English as a Second Language) program

            Commit to attend a weekly Gathering/Study Group every Thursday night (mandatory)

            Listen to, speak, read, and write English proficiently (testing for proficiency available)

Strive to live the BYU-Idaho's Honor Code
Be capable of entry-level college academic work
Be able to spend approximately 15 hours weekly on coursework


The Pathway program consists of three semesters (Fall, Winter & Spring).  Each semester consist of one academic course of (3) credit hours and one religion course of (2) credit hours.  The deadline for Enrollment for the 2014 Fall semester is August 25th.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and all information necessary to submit an application and complete enrollment can be found at

This process is intended to eliminate as many obstacles as possible. The low cost and simple admissions process mean a BYU-Idaho education is open to more people than ever before

At the end of Pathway, students will have earned BYU Credit and qualify for a Pathway Completion Certificate.  If they desire, students may go on to further their education in the following ways: 1. BYU-Idaho Online Degree Program  2. BYU-Idaho Campus in Rexburg   3.  Other College or University

While students are free to choose any option, many select BYU-Idaho's Online Degree Program. To be eligible for the BYU-Idaho Online Degree program, Pathway students must do the following: 
1. Finish all three semesters of Pathway (obtain 15 total course credits)
2. Achieve a “B” average (3.0 GPA or 84%) during Pathway5
3. Complete the application process, including an ecclesiastical endorsement


If you have any questions please contact your Valley Forge Stake Pathway Missionaries (Richard Huey) or feel free to reach out to: Elder and Sister Hardy, Pathway Program Directors   

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