Tuesday, September 29, 2015

October 2015 Visiting Teaching Assignments

Move ins and move outs brings changes to visiting teaching companionships and routes! Cards containing addresses, contact information and birthdates will be handed out and mailed out, but we encourage everyone to check the lists below to see who you are teamed up with and who you'll be visiting. Companionships are highlighted in blue; the sisters you visit teach will be listed below each highlighted companionship. Your district supervisor is listed in blue.

Marie Tiller
Clark/Smith M
Owenna Nagy
Deb Chiapelli
Vickie Harsh
Cassie Player

Aubrey Behunin
Lida Ing
Arlene Van Dyke

Vermena Lee
Michelle Leighton
Carole Kittell
Sarah Gasper

Edie Gavin
Marie Tiller
Janet Chavous

Sara Fultz
Sandie Bricker
Marilyn Bruff

Melinda Rosales
Sandra Concoba
Buki Bamisola

Jill Fairchild
Latey/Chavous J
Perlena Facey
Jill Fulop
Meghan Fulop
Karen Peterson

Fultz Sandy/Van Dyke
Ginny Garnett
Valerie Kielkopf
Sheryl Jackson

Betty Jo Ellis

Jen L'Heureux
Patrice Alamilla
Kristin Hinchman

Tobi Adewole
Connie Thorneloe
Sandy Fultz

Gretchen Peck
Tina Byrd
Melissa Rittenhouse
Chris Terrell

Lindsey Ealy
Marguerite King
Cheryl Wentzel
Kalena Annis

Teri Sullivan
KJ Thomas
Shari Bradley *
Jill Fairchild

Fultz Sara/Player
Jennifer Althouse
Mary-Pat Smith
Melanie Low

Jennifer Swenson
Amanda Campbell
Lindsey Ealy

Caitlin Moore
Devon Linn
Patty Cabot

RS Secretary (TBA)
Lee/ Ealy
Sarah Kinghorn
Shirley McNelly
Amanda Hall

Apryl Martin
Margie Clark
Rozet Shirozian
Trudy Cook

Rachel Akinboboye
Elizabeth Latey
Tereza Lima
Sheila Sierra *

Apryl Martin
Suzanne Miller
Winnie Fulmer
Lauren Didomenico

Terry Cwienk
Sarah Robbins
Donia Balog
Denise Clemons

Letter Routes
Donia Balog
Nina Brewer
Amy Ruth Aslamkhan
Anne Griffin
Cindy Kay Poust

Virginia Garnett
Leona Bibbs
Irena Blaine
Cindy Campbell
Rona Fontello

Sheryl Jackson
Tracy/Mackenzie Wright
Carrie Masters
Florencia Michel
Georgia Anne Wilbert

Chris Terrell
Jennifer Washington
Alexandra Van-Ledebur
Makelesi Tapealava
Yvonne Laing

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