Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Valley Forge 1st Ward Building Cleaning Assignments

Valley Forge 1st ward is responsible for cleaning the building for the first 6 months of 2016.
Things to know:
Building Access: If you are assigned to clean, and need keys to access the building, then please contact a member of the Bishopric in advance.
Coordinating Times: *Please coordinate with the other members of your group to confirm cleaning assignments and time(s).
Trading Times: If you can't fulfill your cleaning assignment, please trade days with another family on the list. Don't let it go until the Cheerios pile up in drifts under the benches.

2-Jan-2016 Adewole Family 2-Apr-2016 Adewole Family
Akinboboye Family Akinboboye Family
Behunin Family Behunin Family
*Bradley Family *Bradley Family
9-Jan-2016 *Bruff Family 9-Apr-2016 *Bruff Family
Alamilla Family Alamilla Family
Campbell Family Campbell Family
Gasper Family Gasper Family
16-Jan-2016 Chiapelli Family 16-Apr-2016 Chiapelli Family
Althouse Family Althouse Family
Clark Family Clark Family
*Peck Family *Peck Family
23-Jan-2016 Concoba Family 23-Apr-2016 Concoba Family
Ealy Family Ealy Family
Balog Family Balog Family
*Fairchild Family *Fairchild Family
30-Jan-2016 Bamisola Family 30-Apr-2016 Bamisola Family
Fulop Family Fulop Family
Cook Family Cook Family
*Swenson Family *Swenson Family
6-Feb-2016 *Fultz, Bob Family 7-May-2016 *Fultz, Bob Family
Peas Family Peas Family
Kittrell Family Kittrell Family
13-Feb-2016 *Fultz, Tim Family 14-May-2016 *Fultz, Tim Family
Hinchman, Andre Hinchman, Andre
Hall Family Hall Family
20-Feb-2016 Harsh Family 21-May-2016 Harsh Family
Hinchman, Kristin Hinchman, Kristin
*Jackson Family *Jackson Family
Kielkopf Family Kielkopf Family
27-Feb-2016 Kinghorn Family 28-May-2016 Kinghorn Family
Kittel Family Kittel Family
*L'Heureux Family *L'Heureux Family
Bowen Family Bowen Family
5-Mar-2016 *Sorensen Family 4-Jun-2016 *Sorensen Family
Bricker Family Bricker Family
Lee Family Lee Family
12-Mar-2016 *Linn Family 11-Jun-2016 *Linn Family
Low Family Low Family
Chavous Family Chavous Family
19-Mar-2016 *Player Family 18-Jun-2016 *Player Family
Rosales Family Rosales Family
Soeurn Family Soeurn Family
Latey Family Latey Family
26-Mar-2016 Thomas Family 25-Jun-2016 Thomas Family
Thorneloe Family Thorneloe Family
Tiller Family Tiller Family
*Van Dyke Family *Van Dyke Family

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