Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday's RS Lesson, by Devon Linn

Relief Society is meant to be a place 
where sisters will feel needed, included, 
valued and loved regardless of their circumstances.

Bonnie D. Parkin, Spring 2003

We had a fun time on Sunday during Relief Society having all of the sisters join us from Primary and Young Women, and we missed any of you that weren’t there! We hope you can make it next time. We talked about how we are all unique and different sisters, and that we are each a vital part of our Relief Society and to one another. We love and need you each of you!

Needed, included, valued and loved
Our focus of this year for our Valley Forge 1st Ward Relief Society is love, friendship and unity. Our heart’s desire is that every sister indeed feel needed, included, valued and loved.

The best way we know to do this is to serve cake and allow time for, wait...yes that too, but really it's through our activities and visiting teaching.

Devon quoted Sister Beck, “Visiting teaching becomes the Lord’s work when our focus is on people rather than percentages. In reality, visiting teaching is never finished. It is more a way of life than a task” (Julie B. Beck, “Relief Society: A Sacred Work,Ensign, Nov. 2009, 114).

Teaching and ministering
Visiting teaching is made up of 2 parts: Teaching and ministering. The teaching part can be checked off as done for the month but ministering is on-going through the month. As partners, seek inspiration on how to work together for the good of your sisters. Sometimes you will visit separately, sometimes send a note, make a call or text to stay in touch. Think often of your sisters and pray every day for them.

When you report to your supervisor, please tell them a little about how your sisters are doing. Keep confidences, but do let us know more so we can help one another.

A circle of sisters
President Boyd K. Packer, President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, has called each ward Relief Society a “circle of sisters.”
Each sister, no matter where in that circle she stands, can look to either side and feel the spirit of inspiration coming back as she extends the gentle hand of charity to those on either side. …
…You will serve your organization, your cause—the Relief Society—this great circle of sisters. Your every need shall be fulfilled, now, and in the eternities; every neglect will be erased; every abuse will be corrected. All of this can come to you, and come quickly, when you devote yourself to Relief Society.

Sister Beck has said, “It has been my experience that each ward Relief Society has the capacity to give to one another the support that is needed. ...If we seek and receive the help of the Holy Ghost, all answers can be found in each circle of sisters.

Sisters, please join hands with those around you so that we may all feel included, valued and loved.

Thanks for the words of instruction and love, Devon.


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  1. What a great re-cap...I think I liked it better than the actual lesson (but that's probably because I didn't have to give the recap. ;) And cake at church just tastes better than it does at home, right?


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